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Oh baby, we're in the home stretch!! Parker is in the 100's and Tyler's in the 200's! #southafrica #spain #johannesburg #madrid #ldsmissionary #brothers

Missing these two kids like crazy this past month and one emailed me today and I found a hidden email from the other!! It's like Christmas! #ldsmissionary #madridspain #johannesburgsouthafrica #brothers

Thanks @julepbeauty for the free birthday box! Currently obsessed with the polish; I may or may not have already painted my nails with it 😬 #julepbeauty

Guys, thank you so so so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I'm so grateful to have as many great friends and family as I do. This is the face of a tired, happy girl! Thanks for making this day a little brighter!! ☀️♥️

Happy National Siblings Day! #ldsmissionary #southafrica @schnepomatic @brookieschnepf @lexi_schnepf

The way to my heart: "Let's watch conference" 💕 #ldsconf

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